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The Best Local Lawn Care Company in La Grange
Having a gorgeous lawn is part of the dream of owning a home. But getting your grass in top shape is serious work that can take significant time out of your busy schedule. Instead of laboring for hours to do it yourself, call the experts at Winkler Tree & Lawn Care!
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24/7 Emergency Tree Removal

If a tree damages your property, falls onto your home or car, or blocks your driveway, we’re here to provide the emergency services!

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45+ Years of Experience

Since 1975, we’ve been your local tree care experts—in fact, we were Illinois’ first nationally accredited tree care company! 

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One-Stop Shop

Not only do we provide outstanding tree care service, but we also offer professional lawn and plant-health care programs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Great company - had 2 large elms trimmed in my back yard and they look fantastic. I received 3 quotes and Winklers beat the rest by 25%. As a previous reviewer stated my lawn is cleaner than before they arrived.

Naperville, IL

Lawn Care in La Grange

Caring for your own turf is a labor of love, to say the least. Instead of taking on the work yourself, why not turn it over to the local pros? Our lawn care gives you the results you want every time without you having to lift a finger! We employ a team of highly trained technicians who assess each challenge your grass faces to create an individualized plan and give you the yard you’ve always wanted.

Our lawn care service in La Grange includes:

  • Fertilization
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Grub control
  • Spring or fall core aeration
  • Overseeding
  • And other additional services


Our Additional Services

We understand that maintaining a yard is much more than just caring for the grass. Yards should be enjoyed safely all year and be healthy places for plants to thrive. With that in mind, we offer additional yard services, including: 

  • Fungicide treatments: Particularly during the warmer, more humid months, lawn fungus is a serious threat to your grass. Fungus spores can lay dormant in your soil for years, waiting for the right conditions, and spread rapidly without professional intervention. Our fungicide treatments use specially formulated products to eliminate fungi at the source, keeping your grass healthy year-round. 
  • Insect control: Plants in your yard are vulnerable to a wide variety of seasonal yard pests. Whether they’re actively eating foliage in the spring and summer or hiding out in the fall and winter, there’s no time of year when you don’t need to protect your plants from bugs. 
  • Mosquito control: It’s easy to overlook them, but mosquitoes are among the most dangerous pests on earth! Here in Illinois, mosquitoes can carry and spread severe diseases like Malaria and West Nile Virus. Keeping your yard mosquito-free is critical to keeping your loved ones safe and making sure that you can use your yard in the spring and summer. 

45+ Years of Local Experience

When you choose Winkler, you’re choosing the local experts with more than 45 years of experience. Servicing areas such as Oak Park, Western Springs, and the surrounding areas, we provide affordable services that you can rely on. With multiple services available, we’re your one-stop shop for all of your lawn maintenance needs. 

Get a Healthy and Gorgeous Yard That You’ll Love