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Winkler's Tree and Lawn Service offers fertilization programs that can be tailored to the specific needs of your lawn.

Having performed lawn care for clients in the local Chicago area and suburbs for over 35 years we know what works. Proper fertilization of your lawn will not only ensure a weed free and lush green lawn, it will improve your lawns root system which will combat cold weather and droughts better than lawns without such care. Therefore, you will notice that your lawn will bounce back faster from winter dormancy.

We offer two types of basic fertilization's that are designed specific to seasonal needs.

Spring Fertilization

Winkler’s own slow release granular fertilizer applied during the months of March, April and May. This special blend is designed to feed your hungry lawn when it wakes up in the spring. Unfortunately, when your grass wakes up hungry, so do the weeds. Therefore, our special fertilizer blend also includes weed control which will combat crabgrass from growing.

Early Summer Fertilization

Winkler’s own slow release granular summer fertilizer is applied during the months of May, June. and July. During this season your grass is busy growing and using the nutrients it had stored during its dormant period. A healthy lawn requires steady nutrition, this feed provides those nutrients plus broad-leaf weed control. Broad-leaf weeds are aggressive and require a repetitive treatments to remedy. Therefore, including Broad-leaf Weed Control during your late spring or early summer lawn fertilization is a good management practice.

If you are local to the Chicago area or suburbs and require lawn fertilization for your residential, commercial or municipal properties, then contact Winkler's Tree and Lawn Services today to meet will one of our skilled technicians.