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Get The Lawn You’re Dreaming Of

There’s no place like home, and as an extension of your living space, your yard should be peaceful and welcoming. But it can be hard to relax if your lawn is filled with weeds or marred by unsightly patches of browning grass. If these problems sound familiar, Winkler Tree & Lawn Care will help you get the beautiful lawn you deserve.

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Please note that Winkler Tree & Lawn Care does not provide lawn mowing or other landscaping services.

Lawn Care in Illinois

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Does your lawn need fertilizer, or are invasive insects at the literal root of the problem? Or could the density of your soil be the problem? Let the experts at Winkler provide you with a free inspection. Once we do, we will create a customized 6-treatment service plan with any of the following possible programs. 

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Lawn Fertilization

Your landscape needs proper nutrition to be healthy. Winkler offers an effective fertilization program designed to nourish your grass throughout the year. We apply a slow-release granular fertilizer up to six times per year. Our product combines nutrients with weed control to promote not only a beautiful lawn but one that will emerge from winter strong and healthy.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Something that may be keeping you from a beautiful, green lawn is the ever-present weeds. Broadleaf weeds, which can cover large areas of your yard, are aggressive and tenacious invaders with deep-root systems, making them hard to eradicate. Our weed control program targets the root system with an effective liquid weed killer applied throughout the year.

Common broadleaf weeds found in Illinois include:

  • Chickweed
  • Clover
  • Dandelion
  • Ivy
  • Milkweed
  • Ragweed
  • Thistle
  • And more!

Grub Control

Most homeowners have seen the damage that insects can cause to your yard. But did you know that their larva can wreak havoc below ground before emerging, destroying the entire lawn if left unchecked? Brown patches of grass and spongy turf that pull back easily could indicate the presence of root-munching grubs. Learn more common signs of grub damage.

While larvae begin feeding on your grass’ roots in the late summer, once you notice the signs, it may already be too late. That’s why we include preventative grub control in our annual treatment plan! And if the grub activity and damage are high, we typically perform aeration or other dethatching services to remove them. Learn more about how to get rid of grubs in your yard.


Spring or Fall Core Aeration and Overseeding

Over the winter or in late summer, a layer of organic material called thatch can start to build up around the base of your grass. While this barrier can help to keep out harmful grubs, it also prevents water, air, and nutrients from reaching the roots. That's why we offer:

  • Aeration: The process of core aeration, which involves perforating the ground with small holes, helps to break up the thatch and loosen the soil all around, allowing the roots to grow more freely.
  • Overseeding: Additional grass seeds are introduced into the lawn through overseeding, allowing for stronger, healthier root systems to develop and to fill in any bare patches.

Additional Services

To make sure you have a yard you love and can enjoy all summer, we also offer additional services, including:

  • Fungicide treatments: This service focuses on preventing the growth of fungi and their spores by using specialized fungicides.
  • Insect control: This program aims to protect your yard from common insects that may harm your grass, shrubs, and trees.
  • Mosquito control: This service is intended to decimate the mosquito population in your yard, allowing you to spend time outside without the threat of mosquito bites.

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Quality Service You Can Depend On

At Winkler Tree & Lawn Care, we do things the right way, even if it takes a bit more time and effort. While the big-name national lawn care companies will mix liquid fertilizer and weed control together for a quicker and cheaper application, the result is far less effective.

We exclusively use premium, Lesco brand products and apply only as needed and where needed—always a slow-release granular fertilizer and always a targeted liquid weed control. It takes a bit more time, but we believe your turf is worth it.

Trust Your Local Lawn Care Company with 45+ Years of Experience

When you partner with Winkler, you’ll be trusting your lawn to a company with more than 45 years of experience keeping the Chicagoland area’s landscapes lush and beautiful. We were the first tree care company in Illinois to be nationally accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), and Winkler employs six certified arborists. Our staff of more than 30 dedicated, local professionals has the skill and training to care for your landscape.

We provide lawn care in the following areas:

Get the Beautiful, Lush Lawn You Deserve!

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