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Keep Your Trees Healthy Year-Round

Trees can provide both value and possible hazards to any property—which is why one of the most important actions a homeowner can take is to have their landscape inspected by a certified arborist. Only a certified arborist has the training and expertise to determine both the viability and if necessary, treatment, for your trees. Whether pruning or plant health care treatments, Winkler's certified arborists will prescribe the right treatment and care plan for your needs.

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Tree Care in Illinois

Technician cutting apart a tree

At Winkler Tree & Lawn Care, we know that expertise matters. With 45 years of experience providing service to local municipalities, Winkler is a local service company you can trust—in fact, we were Illinois’ first nationally accredited tree care company, and are committed to providing not only outstanding tree services but also professional, full-service lawn care and plant health care programs. 

Our tree care program includes the following services:

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Pruning and Shaping

Our tree pruning and shaping services focus on maintaining the natural shape and appearance of ornamentals by thinning out branches, cutting back unwieldy limbs, and removing excess weight from the end of branches to promote more healthy, lateral growth. Additionally, tree pruning helps to remove less-sturdy, damaged, or disease-ridden branches, which otherwise may fall and cause damage. 

Tree and Stump Removal

Dead or dying trees can be hazardous, especially given Chicagoland’s severe storms and harsh winters. The last thing you want is a large branch to fall on your car or worse, the trunk to come down on your house. Careful removal is paramount to prevent injury or damage to property—it’s also a task best left to professionals. Our arborists can determine if your tree is a hazard. If it is, we have the proper equipment to remove it safely and grind the stump down once the job is done. We even offer stump removal and 24/7 emergency servicing.

Fertilization Applications

Fertilizer not only improves an ornamental’s growth but can also help it fight off disease. Whether it’s trunk injections or root applications, we can apply the fertilizer just where your tree needs it. Unnecessary applications of fertilizer can damage, so we will only treat it if it’s necessary.

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Rod and Cable Installation and Maintenance

To help your trees withstand the harsh Chicago winters, we offer tree cabling, also known as bracing. Using carefully placed steel strand cables and rods, we help to stabilize heavy branches to reduce stress damage that can be caused by high winds, as well as the weight of snow and ice. In addition to protecting your ornamental, cabling can also prevent your property from getting damaged by falling limbs.

Arboreal Management Services

Not only do mature ornamentals look beautiful in your yard, but they can actually add to the value of your home. We understand that you invested a lot of time, money, and energy into your trees, which is why we offer:

  • Preservation/construction consulting
  • Replacement valuations 
  • Hazard evaluations
  • Disease sampling
  • Soil testing

Customized Management Plans

Perhaps you are building a house or planning some other construction. Did you know that some municipalities have ordinances protecting trees impacted by new construction, even if you own the property? Consulting with our certified arborists before you begin new or additional construction can save you both time and money. Winkler can conduct an assessment of your property, identify how construction could impact critical root systems, and help you come up with a plan to save money and avoid costly construction delays.

Think of Tree Care as an Investment

Especially in light of their financial value, it is important to protect the ornamentals on your property. If one is critically damaged by weather, accident, or vandalism, your homeowner’s insurance may not only pay for its removal, but also for its replacement—but be sure to check your policy for details. Our arborists can assess the value of the tree to help you file your insurance claim.

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Convenient, Year-round Service

While ornamentals may go dormant in the colder months, the problems of maintaining them don’t. Winkler’s specialists work year-round, meaning whether your trees are under attack by destructive pests, require fall pruning, or must be removed due to storm damage or decay, Winkler is committed to addressing any problem quickly and efficiently for customer convenience and satisfaction. 

Are Your Trees Healthy? Find Out!

To the average observer, an ornamental may look healthy. But good care requires anticipating what your tree needs before it shows signs of illness. Our experienced arborists use the latest technology to analyze foliage and soil to gauge whether they are getting the nutrients they need. Once we gather our information, we come up with a custom treatment regimen to keep your ornamental thriving from season to season.

We provide tree care service in the following areas:

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