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The Best Local Tree Care Company in Oak Brook
Tree care is a complex and mysterious thing. You practically need to be an arborist to really nourish your ornamentals! Or, you can rely on the certified arborists from Winkler Tree and Lawn Care. We’ll conduct a free evaluation of your trees so you know just what they need.
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24/7 Emergency Tree Removal

If a tree damages your property, falls onto your home or car, or blocks your driveway, we’re here to provide the emergency services!

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45+ Years of Experience

Since 1975, we’ve been your local tree care experts—in fact, we were Illinois’ first nationally accredited tree care company! 

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One-Stop Shop

Not only do we provide outstanding tree care service, but we also offer professional lawn and plant-health care programs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Great company - had 2 large elms trimmed in my back yard and they look fantastic. I received 3 quotes and Winklers beat the rest by 25%. As a previous reviewer stated my lawn is cleaner than before they arrived.

Naperville, IL

Tree Care in Oak Brook

Oftentimes, it seems the trees in our yards are doing just fine. It’s only when disease surfaces or healthy-looking limbs spontaneously crash to the ground that we realize our trees might require more than just sun, water, and soil. Our in-house arborists can help you navigate the elaborate maze that tree care can require.

We offer the following tree services in Oak Brook:

  • Pruning and Shaping: Along with shaping trees to their natural forms, removing diseased or compromised branches before they fail eliminates the risk of a branch falling and damaging your property.
  • Arboreal Management Services: When it comes to real estate valuation, folks often overlook the value that ornamentals add to a property. Our arborists can help you factor in and maintain that value as an investment in the future.
  • Tree and Stump Removal: Chicagoland’s severe storms can cause a sick tree to fall onto your home, car, or—God-forbid—people! Our specialized tree-removal team will systematically cut down a tree in segments so your property stands no risk. We’ll then grind the stump away for a fresh start.
  • Disease and Pest Management: Different pests and diseases prey on different species of ornamentals. Our arborists can evaluate and protect your trees from potential risks, as well as help treat active maladies. 
  • Rod and Cable Installation and Maintenance: Bracing trees protect trunks and limbs from falling in harsh weather. We reduce stress on ornamentals by stabilizing hefty branches, helping them support snow and ice loads accumulated throughout the winter.
  • Fertilization: Through targeted trunk injections, or holistic root applications, we can feed your trees nutrients that the environment might not be providing.

You don’t have to be an arborist to boast brilliant trees. Tap the knowledge of Winkler’s certified arborists to have trees that boost the value of your property!

Local Experts You Can Trust

One of the main things that sets Winkler apart from competitors is our local experience—we have been proudly serving our communities for over 45 years! We ensure that all of our local technicians and arborists are expertly trained, relying on years of experience to provide the best service possible. We provide our exceptional tree care services in Hinsdale, Lombard, Oak Brook, and the surrounding communities.

Want Healthy, Thriving Trees?

Call us today to schedule a free evaluation!