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Tree Trimming

Winkler's Tree Service is a local tree removal contractor and a tree trimming contractor serving local customers in the Chicago area and suburbs. We understand that trees add value to your property and that it is important that trees are properly maintained to promote health in your tree and safety to humans.

Tree trimming is also known as crown pruning and is considered a tree preservation technique. Our skilled technicians know precisely how and where to prune or trim a tree. Proper pruning can reduce construction impacts to trees, or when performed as regular maintenance, will encourage healthy form by providing balance to the trees canopy.

ROTTED TREE small-IMG 6377If a tree is dead, diseased or dying it may present a hazard to homes, humans or property. Therefore, it should be removed. Whether we are trimming trees or removing trees, Winkler's Tree Service possesses the skilled staff, proper equipment and required insurance to perform tree trimming and tree removal for small and large trees, in easy or hard to get to places! Our residential, commercial and municipal experience has presented many challenging operations that existed over homes, power lines, railroad, public roads, right-of-ways and more!

Ensuring the safety of clients, staff and any possible passersby or curious neighbors is number one objective. During our operations, we implement traffic control which may include barricades and/or flaggers to control pedestrian and/or motorist traffic around our operations.

Winkler's Tree Service delivers all services relative to tree trimming and tree removal including submission and procurement of tree removal permits to stump grinding and final restoration to disturbed areas. If you require the assistance of a local tree removal contractor or tree trimming contractor then contact us today for a free estimate!