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Winkler's Tree services specializes in treating diseased trees or trees that are impacted by invasive species or pests.

As a local tree service we do more than just trim trees and cut trees down, we also preserve trees. Even if your tree is infected, that does not mean that it must be cut down. Depending on the species of tree and type of infestation, you may be able to keep your tree and continue to enjoy the beauty and shade it provides.

Commercial and residential customers, and municipalities alike, turn to us each year to help save thousands of trees from disease. We are specialists in preventing and treating outbreaks from pests, and the infestations and destruction they bring with them to Northern Illinois. Our experts can help you identify and eradicate tree problems. 

Proper diagnosis is essential before any treatments can began. We can perform sampling and laboratory analysis to confirm the presence of pathogens. Foliar analysis is also available.

As a local Arborist and Tree Care Specialist, Winkler's Tree Service has been providing Arboricultural Services for over 35 years. We offer specialized Emerald Ash Borer Treatments for your Ash Trees, Dutch Elm Disease Treatments for your Elm trees, Crabapple Scab Disease Treatments for crabapple trees and Oak Wilt and Hawthorne Rust Treatments for Oak and Hawthorne Trees.

Each type of tree requires a specific treatment plan. Below is a short description of tree types and recommended treatment plans.

  • Crab & Hawthorne Scab Rust: Apply fungicide 3x 10-14 days apart (Early Spring)
  • Austrian & Scotch Pines: Diplodia Tip Blight:  Fungicide 2x 10-14 days apart (Early Spring
  • Zimmerman Pine: Moth Insecticide 2x /yr (1) Apr-May, (2) Aug-Sep
  • Pin Oaks, Red Maples, Birch Chlorosis: Trunk injections 1x /yr
  • American Elms Dutch Elm Disease: Trunk injection 1x /yr
  • Ash Trees: Emerald Ash Borer – Trunk injections as needed
  • Oak Trees: Oak Wilt – Trunk injections as needed

Winkler's Tree and Lawn Services provides additional services (All Trees and Shrubs):

  • Mites – Miticide Spray 1x /yr
  • Fruit Elimination – Apply 1x in Spring
  • Growth Control/ Root Health using Cambistat
  • Goose Control – as needed